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The oldest TAXI corporation in Gdansk

Trust the experience and enjoy the journey

Hallo TAXI GdaƄsk is one of the oldest cab corporations in the Tri-City market, which has been continuously providing services since 1992, constantly developing and modernizing its fleet in order to ensure the greatest comfort of travelling for its clients.

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The oldest TAXI corporation in Gdansk

Keeping up with the times

Since 1992 we have been constantly developing and modernizing our fleet to ensure the greatest possible comfort of travelling for our clients. We were the first corporation on the market to introduce one zone in the whole Tricity, payment card terminals and an electronic system of non-cash settlements for corporate clients.

Cashless payments

Secure and fast electronic payments...


Proven fleet, experienced drivers...

Online ordering

Using the app and website...

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The first truly Tri-City TAXI

Tri-City Zone - is Hallo TAXI's own project, in which all of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia are located in one price zone... No matter where you are or where you are going - within the administrative borders of Tricity you move within the common fare (day and night).

One Zone

within the administrative borders of GdaƄsk, Sopot and Gdynia...

Saving Time

you move faster...

Saving Money

you move cheaper !

Outside the Tri-City

TCZEW Branch

Hallo TAXI is the only Tricity corporation to have its own branch in Tczew - a team of drivers providing services to the same high standard and price range as in Tricity.

The same standard

as in Tri-City cabs.

Order in the app

faster and more convenient.

Saving Money

You move cheaply between Tczew and the Tri-City.

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Hallo TAXI belongs to the countrywide TAXI POLAND 19100 group, which allows you to enjoy easy travel all over Poland.

Additional services

What else we can offer you

Apart from the classic passenger transportation services in Hallo TAXI you can take advantage of numerous additional services.

Starting the car

Starting the customer's vehicle with starter cables


If you need a car with extra luggage space


If you need a car that can take from 5 to 7 passengers

Animal transportation

If you need to take a small pet with you


Transport of small consignments in the Tri-City


Basic shopping with delivery to a specified address

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