Tri-City Zone

how easier to travel in Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia...

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What is "Tri-City Zone"?

In Hallo TAXI Gdańsk moving around the Tri-City, Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, is simpler and cheaper than ever. And all thanks to our project called "Tricity Zone". Regardless of which part of Tricity you are located, whether in Gdansk, Sopot or Gdynia and wherever you want to move within the administrative boundaries of these three cities - you do not apply the so-called "Return Tariff" - Tariff 3 and Tariff 4 on taximeter. By moving with us throughout the Tri-City, you are in one price zone where the only change in tariff is the time of day because you only have Tariffs 1 and 2. You can travel around the Tri-City without worrying about unnecessary costs - faster, easier and cheaper...

See how large area we use only Tariffs 1 and 2:

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