Cashless Rides

for companies and corporations in the electronic system...

przejazdy bezgotówkowe

Who can take advantage of the offer of non-cash travel?

It is an excellent solution for companies using taxis as a means of transportation for their employees. It allows you to have your business expenses under constant control thanks to an electronic system that your customer has 24/7 access to. Electronic card-based systems protect against unauthorized passage. The additional ability to generate one-time Credit Cards allows you to remotely pay for emergencies in unexpected situations such as a guest's arrival or the need for a non-permanent employee.

taxi polska 19-100

One card - many corporations.

An additional advantage is that Hallo TAXI Gdansk operates on the TAXI POLSKA 19-100 system, so signing a non-cash service agreement with us gives you the opportunity to travel by taxi to all our business partners throughout the country.