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How to use the Hallo TAXI Gdansk mobile application?

aplikacja mobilna taxi

1. Introduction

The Hallo Taxi Gdansk mobile application is designed for those who appreciate the comfort of using new technology in their daily lives. From today you no longer have to look up your phone number, leave a valid appointment, order a taxi for the time you want, and then think about the address the taxi will take you to. These and similar worries go away slowly. The ease of operation, ease and simplicity of navigation and the choice of preferences perfectly reflect the spirit of the corporation.

aplikacja mobilna taxi

2. First steps

Just after launching the app, we first show a screen that shows the points that move around the map, corresponding to the taxi's actually moving in the places in the city. Thanks to that we can see how far away from our location is the nearest taxi.

aplikacja mobilna taxi

3. Order

By deciding to order a taxi we can use the built-in GPS mobile device to indicate our location as the location to which the taxi is to come, or we can manually enter any address of your choice. In order to finalize, to proceed to the next steps, select the button at the bottom of the screen to the left with the words "order". We can also use an alternative, traditional method by dialing the "call" button to call the dispatcher at Hallo Taxi Gdansk.

(WARNING! Please make sure that the GPS module installed on your device correctly shows your current position. Incorrect indication of the module will cause taxi to be sent somewhere other than expected. If you are not sure of the correctness of the GPS, please manually enter the directions to avoid confusion).

aplikacja mobilna taxi

4. Complete the information

In the next step we will be asked to complete the form and provide some necessary information, such as the form of payment, the type of vehicle, the number of passengers, etc. In this place we can enter additional information for the driver necessary for the correct execution of the order or our individual preferences, For example, a specific place of waiting.

aplikacja mobilna taxi

5. Summary

At the end we can evaluate the completed order, share your comments or observations. This will help us to continually improve the quality of our services, to improve on any shortcomings and to motivate drivers with compliments directly from satisfied customers.